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MyFamily Basic - Goldheart big

SKU: A2111-71

Engrave a personal id-badge to your pet!

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What do you want to engrave? Please note that you don't have to engrave anything. If you wish to only buy the jewelry you can leave the fields empty. Engraving is included in the price

A very cute id-badge that enhances your pets personality, or just as extra security if your pet runs away and someone finds it with your name and/or number on.

We engrave your id-badge the same day, delivery time is 2-4 working days in Europe(We deliver from Sweden).

This id-badges are handmade in Italy, and are 100% free from nickel. And made from aluminium which is a very durable and strong metal. Some badges are gold or silver plated brass.

Engraving is included in the price, no additional fees except shipping are applied.

Dimensions in millimeter:
Small bone: 19x30 mm. Large bone: 25x38 mm.
Small circle: 28x21 mm. Big circle: 39x32 mm.
Small heart: 28x25 mm. Big heart: 31x38 mm.

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